Burquitlam Area Growth

Mobility, accessibility and proximity to transportation has increasingly become an important role in everyday life. As the needs of people evolve with the increasing cost of housing and population growth, the value of time remains consistent. Rapid transit allows people to spend less time getting around the region and more time giving rise to opportunities.

Burquitlam Station

Designed by Perkins+Will's Vancouver office, Burquitlam Station on the Evergreen Line is an evolution and refinement of principles: simplicity of form, restraint in palette, and clear and legible execution. Conceived of as a catalyst for future development and designed to complement the surrounding neighbourhood, the tation is fully glazed to create a feeling of spaciousness with a visual connection to the surrounding area. Douglas fir glulam timber roof panels lend a warmth and unique identity to Burquitlam Station's interiors.

Urban Ecology

Cities are a unit of measurement for lifestyle, cultural infrastructure, and social fabric, and they are a standard by which quality of life and happiness are measured. But no matter how big your ambition is, you need to start small and gradually nurture it. Elmwood’s Civic Plaza covers over 17,000 square feet — and extends almost a full city block.

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